Mobridge Phase 2 Receives $4.5 Million Grant

May 12, 2010

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Front Entry
Front Entry
The Mobridge-Pollock School District has been granted $4.555 million by the federal government to completely renovate the current middle school and complete construction of the new building project.

This project will include a total remodel of the Middle School including the geothermal heating and cooling, energy efficient windows and doors, refurbishing the fine arts wing, including the theater and updating the technology including wiring and electrical.

Dean Marske of HKG and Associates Architects said the board and administration need to set priorities and move forward from there. That begins on Wednesday (May 12) with a grant writer Max Schochenmaier to review step-by-step the requirements of the funding in each aspect of the project. The firm will then begin making plans according to the requirements to ensure compliance to regulations.

The project will be more complicated than the construction of the new building, because part of it will take place while school is in session next year.

"Renovations will have to be carefully planned to make the maximum use of the funding with as little disruption of school as possible. We haven't seen the regulations that come with the funding. That will dictate some of the scheduling."