HKG is a one-stop shop when it comes to everything that involves architecture, site design and structure maintenance. From schematics to final plan development, HKG can skillfully complete a long and varied list of architectural projects. Whether you need a cost estimate or comprehensive design work on an in-depth historic preservation project, HKG Architects is the firm to contact. Browse the list of services to the right and let us know how we can help you. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Double Arrow Team Process Services & Capabilities History
HKG Architects offers an inclusive one-stop shop for all your planning and building needs. Let us guide you through the building process from concept to construction.
Building Analysis
Let our years of experience and skilled expertise enable us to help you evaluate your current building conditions and determine your future needs.
Code Review
We provide thorough plan review and expert code consulting to ensure that your building meets all levels of compliance.
Construction Documents
At HKG Architects we know local contractors, and use our familiarity and experience to maximize communication between you and the contractor, eliminating confusion and misunderstandings.
Need help making a decision? Don't let technical difficulties or construction complexities slow down your decision-making and your work. Ask us, chances are we've dealt with it before.
Cost Estimation
Does your project require precise figures instead of generic numbers? At HKG Architects we use our large data base of projects to determine current calculations in any bidding climate.
Design Development
HKG Architects practices maximum communication to include you in every step of the process. Under your direction and as your partner HKG can develop more detailed exterior, interior, and site drawings.
Feasibility Studies
HKG Architects can help you decide to move forward with a proposed project based on in-depth analysis. Our studies use non-biased research and include an examination of a proposal's advantages and disadvantages.
Facility Management
HKG Architects can keep your building ahead of the maintenance curve by providing information about and access to leading technologies and service.
General Contracting
HKG Architects will save you time and money by making sure your building is built the right way the first time.
Historic Preservation
50 years in business has given us opportunities to work with numerous historical buildings across South Dakota and the region. We posess an experienced advantage in rehabilitating historic buildings, including using restoration practices adhering to State Historical Preservation Guidelines.
LEED Certification
Our LEED Accredited professionals can save you time and money by leading your design team through the LEED certification process.
Master Planning
HKG Architects see the bigger picture. We understand your immediate building needs must be consistent not only with your budget but must also be integrated with your future plans.
3-D Modeling
We use cutting edge computer modeling to illustrate design recommendations, and also to simulate the construction process leading up to and including the finished building.